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French Pyrenees: GR10 Trek Stages

The GR10 is one of Europe's great trekking routes. It spans the French Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast. The GR10 has several stages and can be done in a variety of ways, from week-long camping versions to multi-week more comfortable trips. Whatever your budget - from lightweight to luxury - Cloud 9 looks forward to creating an unforgettable GR10 experience for you (with luggage delivery included wherever this is logistically possible).

The whole route can take two months, which isn't practical for most. Below, we've crafted eight week-long trekking holidays. Do one, do two at once, do one per year! Browse the stages below or get in touch for the best week(s) to suit your requirements. Any of the below can be adapted as tailor-made trips if you need different departure dates or want to include certain sights or summits. 

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