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Cloud 9 Adventure Tour du Mont Blanc Treks

The Tour of Mont Blanc can be done in so many different variations that it can be a little confusing. We are the TMB experts, and can organise anything from a hut-to-hut Tour du Mont Blanc if you are on a budget, to a more comfortable version for those who would like luggage delivery and luxury.

We offer every single variation of this world-renowned trek that you could imagine: just let us know how many days you would like, whether you want to take it easy or whether you want to recreate the famous Mont Blanc Ultra Trail, and we will put your itinerary together for you. 

Most people take 10-12 days to trek the whole Tour du Mont Blanc circuit, but we can offer shorter versions for those who have less time. If you want to trail-run or fast-pack, the TMB can be done in 4-6 days.

Below you will find a selection of our most popular versions, but do ask us if you'd like a variation that you can't see here.

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