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King's Trail Sweden Cross Country Ski

Sweden's King's Trail XC Ski

  • Sweden’s classic hut-to-hut ski tour

  • Authentic saunas and cosy mountain huts

  • Ski through dramatic Arctic landscapes

  • Look out for Abisko’s Northern Lights

Why Choose Cloud 9 Adventure

  • We are XC ski tour specialists

  • Qualified and experienced guide

  • All meals and full luggage delivery included (via snowmobile)

Sweden's King's Trail Cross Country Ski: Dates and Prices



8 nights

7 days' skiing

Luggage delivery

Group size 5-14


Join: Abisko Mountain Station

End: Nikkaluokta

Nearest Airport: Kiruna


8 nights in Mountain Stations and huts





Sweden's King's Trail Cross Country Ski: Overview

The King’s Trail is in northern Swedish Lapland, way inside the Arctic Circle. The 210km Abisko to Kebnekaise section is considered one of its most epic stretches and forms the heart of this Cloud 9 cross-country ski experience. From frozen lakes and waterfalls to glimpses of the Northern Lights (not so elusive round here) and views of Sweden’s highest mountain, this trip lets you explore the core of Sweden’s pristine white wilderness.


What to expect

While on our tour, we’ll stay in cosy mountain huts. Part of the fun will be helping out with evening meals and chores, before enjoying time to relax in the wood-fired saunas. We’ll enjoy traditional local food and hospitality at the top and tail of the trip. Full luggage support is provided by snowmobile so we’ll ski just with daypacks.


Expect daily distances from 12km to 23km, and ascents and descents of between 75m and 580m. Participants need a good level of fitness to join this trip as you’ll be skiing for up to approx. 8 hours per day. While experience of cross-country skiing and technique is not a prerequisite it will certainly be useful, and participants must arrive competent in downhill skiing. If you have any questions at all about whether this trip is right for you, just ask.

Sweden's King's Trail Cross Country Ski: Itinerary


Day 1 - Arrival at Abisko Mountain Station  

Your cross-country ski adventure along Sweden's King’s Trail begins at Abisko Mountain Station. It’s a 100-year-old building in a beautiful, lakeside spot that’s been renovated to include a cosy bar. Cloud 9 will organise one single-timed group transfer from Kiruna Airport. Those traveling independently should arrive in time for an evening trip briefing with your Cloud 9 guide, followed by dinner. Allow time to hire kit and equipment if required.


Accommodation: mountain station

Luggage access

Day 2 - Day tour at Abisko

Let the skiing commence! We start with a day tour in the Abisko area which will give everyone the opportunity to make sure they're happy with all their kit before heading off to the more remote parts of the route, and give you time to re-pack your bags.

Day 3 - Ski from Abisko to Abiskojaure Hut

Let the skiing commence! Signs for ‘Kungsleden’, as it’s known locally, point to the beginning of the trail. The route has regular waymarkers, useful in low visibility. We’ll travel light with just a daypack, with our main luggage transported by mushers with dog sleds. The trail begins with easy stretches through forests and across frozen rivers. Breaks for hot drinks will be frequent as we get used to the terrain. As our day draws to a close we’ll cross Abisko Lake to reach tonight’s stop, the Abiskojaure Hut. We’ll all help with group tasks, the hut’s sauna is our reward. This is Sweden, after all...


Accommodation: mountain hut

Luggage access

Distance: 15km

Skiing: approx 6.5 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +185m / -75m


Day 4 - Ski via the Kama river to Alesjaure Hut

Now we’re warmed up, today’s challenge builds on yesterday’s easy opener. We’ll trace the Kama river and go through the snowy, peak-lined Alis Valley. We might need to put our skins on, depending on the conditions. There’s a wild, high and remote feel to today’s journey which, after a stunning 23km, delivers us to the Alesjaure Mountain Hut. The promise of its warm and rejuvenating sauna will help us power through the afternoon.


Accommodation: mountain hut

Luggage access

Distance: 23km

Skiing: approx 8 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +470m / -150m


Day 5 - Ski via the Ales valley to Tjaktja Hut

After yesterday’s champion effort, we’ve got just 13km of snowy ground to cover today. We’ll dive into the gently rolling terrain of the Ales valley, whose slopes gradually get deceptively steeper and require more effort. There are options to take scenic diversions along frozen rivers. Tonight’s stopping point is the highest of all our huts, the Tjaktja Hut at 1040m, with an impressive peak behind it. It’s not uncommon for this region to have a couple of metres of snow - the Swedish wintry wonderland we all came to see.


Accommodation: mountain hut

Luggage access

Distance: 13km

Skiing: approx 5.5 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +290m / -100m

Day 6 - Ski via the Tjaktja Pass to Salka Hut

Although we hit the highest point of the King’s Trail today, it’s actually after a slow-burner of an ascent. Over our first two hours, we’ll cover 4km yet just 100m to reach the Tjaktja Pass at 1140m. We’ll rest at the summit shelter, enjoying the panoramic views from the col across to the valley ahead. Next, the section you’ve all been waiting for - our first real downhill. Cruising down broad paths, this will take us all the way to Salka Hut for the night. Enjoy the best sauna yet as you reminisce over the day’s tremendous views and dramatic mountains.


Accommodation: mountain hut

Luggage access

Distance: 16km

Skiing: approx 6.5 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +370m / -580m

Day 7 - Ski via the Tjaktja valley to Singi Hut

Our adventure continues further into the Tjaktja valley, will its rolling hills and undiluted Swedish wilderness. Our goal is the two huts at Singi, located by a scenic lake with a Sami village nearby. The Sami are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people who live in the Sápmi region, located in modern-day northern Norway and Sweden, parts of northern Finland, and Russia’s Kola peninsula. It’s a relatively short day so spend some time reading up on them, exploring the area once we hit the huts, or getting to know the huskies and their handlers.


Accommodation: mountain hut

Luggage access

Distance: 12km

Skiing: approx 4.5 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +80m / -190m


Day 8 - Ski via Ladtjo to Kebnekaise Mountain Station

Today we leave the King’s Trail, heading west to strategically exit the wilderness via the Ladtjo Valley en route to the Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Some great news is, it’s mainly downhill, leaving plenty of energy and concentration to spend on the incredible wintry surroundings. At 2117m, Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest peak. Once we reach the mountain station, the hard work is done and an adrenalin-fuelled treat awaits: a one-hour snowmobile transfer across frozen lake Ladtjo to reunite with our baggage at Nikkaluokta cabin. The communal cooking is now over, let us indulge you with a final celebratory team meal in a local restaurant.


Accommodation: mountain station

Luggage access

Distance: 15km

Skiing: approx 5.5 hrs

Ascent gain / loss: +365m / -450m

Day 9 - Departure day

Your Cloud 9 cross-country ski tour of Sweden’s King’s Trail officially ends after breakfast. We include one group transfer for the hour-long trip back to Kiruna Airport.


  • 8 nights' dormitory accommodation in mountain stations and huts

  • Breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals

  • Any transport in the itinerary

  • Fully qualified & experienced Nordic ski guide/instructor

  • Luggage delivery

  • One single-time group transfer from and back to Kiruna Airport 

Not Included

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Personal drinks & snacks

  • Tips

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