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Cloud 9 declares a climate emergency

As a tourism business, Cloud 9 Adventure declares a Climate Emergency. We offer professionally guided and self-guided itineraries in some of the world’s most beautiful environments. We commit to doing everything we can to protect these areas and the wider world for future adventurers to enjoy. We've always been a conscientious company and will amplify, monitor and report on our efforts in the years ahead.


Cloud 9 Adventure will instigate an annual report into measuring the modes of transport used by clients to get to trip start and finish points. Carbon emissions can then be measured and offset on an annual basis. Cloud 9 Adventure will use this baseline data to work towards a decrease in its staff and customers’ travel-related emissions year on year.  


Encouraging Suppliers

Cloud 9 Adventure commits to actively pushing all of its partner hotels and accommodations to offer decent vegan and vegetarian options at mealtimes. We already work with a myriad of small accommodation providers in urban and remote regions across Europe and beyond. These often family-run enterprises already make conscious choices about their food and service suppliers. This frequently means using locally-sourced food and goods whose provenance can be traced.


Reduce carbon

Cloud 9 Adventure trips are priced at ground costs only and do not include flights. Our Trip Notes include detailed information on reaching a trip’s start point by public or shared transport. HQ staff are happy to give further advice on sustainable travel choices to reduce the emissions caused by flying. or private car use.



Cloud 9 Adventure commits to campaigning for better transport in the Chamonix Valley to improve air quality and reduce emissions. This alpine town is  dear to us and over the years we are witnessing first-hand how our glaciers are disappearing, and our mountain air is becoming tainted by vehicle emissions. Chamonix is also the starting point for many of our trips such as the world-renowned Tour du Mont Blanc and Haute Route.


This region needs to be treated with respect, and traffic minimised to preserve its natural assets for generations to come. Train services have greatly improved over recent years, but the bus service up and down the valley could be improved to encourage more to use it. We commit to starting as many hikes as we can using the train or bus. More importantly, we commit to working with the local mayor to make a better transport system in the valley.


Protect natural assets

Cloud 9 Adventure organises low-impact trekking, biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trips in a variety of destinations. The company is involved in a movement to protect trails from erosion and to remove litter from routes. We have devised alternative routes on some treks to avoid areas that see a lot of footfall, to help reduce erosion and encourage regrowth in those areas. All leaders pick up any litter spotted during our trips and clients are encouraged to do likewise. We give matter-of-fact briefings on how to go to the loo responsibly outdoors - too many people on the trail do not pay heed and we pledge to educate.


Respectful staff

All Cloud 9 Adventure field staff have a minimum of the International Mountain Leader Award (or international equivalent). A key and assessed element of such courses is an appreciation and understanding of different and sometimes fragile outdoor environments. Cloud 9 Adventure commits to working with fully qualified and expert staff who understand, care for and appreciate the natural environment and who can pass their knowledge on to our clients.


Wildlife preservation

Cloud 9 Adventure will actively be involved in wildlife preservation. We know our trails well and have great local contacts and relationships. Field staff are flexible and expert enough to be able to avoid certain areas or reroute to prevent any activity or presence that will unduly affect wildlife. This could include nesting or breeding seasons or taking steps to obey local ad-hoc advice as appropriate.

Find out more 

Find out more about the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency movement. To contact Cloud 9 Adventure about our Climate Emergency declaration, please use our Contact Us page.  

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