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Peer Gynt Trail, Norway - Cross Country Ski

Peer Gynt Trail, Norway

  • Follow the route of the legendary Peer Gynt

  • Perfect for intermediate cross-country skiers

  • Ski over 120km of Norway's famous tracks

  • Finish in the Olympic town of Lillehammer

Why Choose Cloud 9 Adventure

  • Fully qualified guide (Mountain Leader and BASI Nordic Ski Instructor)

  • Quality hotels with excellent spas

  • All meals and luggage transfers inc.

Peer Gynt Trail, Norway - Cross Country Ski: Dates and Prices



7 nights

6 days' skiing

Full luggage delivery

Group size 4-8


Join: Vinstra / Espedalen

End: Lillehammer

Nearest Airport: Oslo Gardermoen Airport


6 hotel nights 

1 mountain refuge 





Peer Gynt Trail, Norway - Cross Country Ski: Overview

The mountains of Norway's Peer Gynt region are ideal for cross-country skiing. World famous for its Nordic tracks, this area enjoys stable weather conditions, beautiful scenery and perfectly prepared trails. It's a great region for intermediate skiers looking to hone their technique on a point-to-point journey. With views to some of Norway's most well known mountains, we'll enjoy a week of unforgettable backdrops and very comfortable hotels, making this trip a delightful mix of sport, culture and relaxation.


Named after the Norwegian hero, the Peer Gynt Løype (trail) was brought to life by Henrik Ibsen in his fictional tale. Celebrated every year in August with a festival, the legend of Peer Gynt lives on in today's modern Norway. We'll ski on classic skis (either fish-scale or waxable) with luggage transfers every day, carrying just a small day pack while we ski.

What to expect

This trip is open to intermediate cross-country skiers with a good base level of fitness, who are looking for their first point to point trip and to learn more about this fantastic sport in its home country. We will ski for approximately four hours each day on undulating terrain, with occasional slightly longer days. If you have any questions at all about whether this trip is right for you, just ask.

Peer Gynt Trail, Norway - Cross Country Ski: Itinerary


Day 1 - Arrive in the Espedalen Valley

After flying into Oslo and travelling by train to Vinstra, Cloud 9 will arrange one single-timed group transfer from Vinstra to the group hotel for the evening. It'll be at the head of the Espedalen Valley with amazing views across the lake and mountains of the Jotunheimen National Park. Meet your guide for a trip briefing and chance to have your questions answered before a group meal. Settle in for three nights.


Accommodation: Hotel


Day 2 - Ski in Espedalen

We spend the first two days exploring the trails that start at our hotel. This was once known for mining, but is now a popular cross-country ski destination, with over 220km of trails. We'll collect our rental equipment after breakfast, find our ski legs and get used to our kit. For those in the group who rent 'waxable' skis, our guide will take some time to share the skills of ski maintenance and waxing. This region marks the official start point of the Peer Gynt Mountain Route. We'll pace ourselves according to the group, honing our cross-country skills and doing useful drills, while covering some distance. We aim to ski 15-20km per day with 400-500m ascent, making the first two days relatively easy. Route options include skiing around the lakeside, taking in the best views of the Jotunheimen peaks and enjoying drinks at the delightful Bingsbu 'warming' hut. In the evening, we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the hotel spa and sauna before dinner.


Accommodation: Hotel

Distance: 15-20km / 9.3-12.4 miles

Ascent: 450m / 1476 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4 hours

Day 3 - Ski in Espedalen

After making sure our skis are in perfect condition with our newly acquired ski waxing skills, we'll head out for a second day on the local trails. We'll take a route different to yesterday to include as much variety and practise as possible. By now, we should be fully back into the swing of 'skinny skis' and feeling relaxed enough with our technique to enjoy the stunning scenery. We'll ski from lake side trails, through deep forests, and into open meadows with impressive views of the surrounding landscape and high peaks. Back in the hotel, we'll enjoy another home-cooked meal, made with local produce. Tomorrow, the point-to-point skiing begins.


Accommodation: Hotel

Distance: 15-20km / 9.3-12.4 miles

Ascent: 450m / 1476 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4 hours


Day 4 - Ski from Dalseter to Fefor

It's now the official start of the Peer Gynt Løype. Fuelled by an excellent Norwegian breakfast, the first gentle ascent will pose no problems for our fully warmed up ski legs. The climb leads us quickly up to flatter terrain in the Hattdal Valley. Looking over to the distant Rondane Mountains, we'll enjoy mellow cross country skiing through birch forests, before relaxing into a fun descent with spectacular views across to the peaks on the horizon. Following a winding trail through dense, pine forests, the terrain becomes rolling, with short climbs and descents through the woods. The skiing is interesting and fun all the way to the outskirts of Fefor. The final section of today's trail passes a series of old farms, before we reach our historic and prestigious hotel, which will be home for the night. Built in 1891, this beautiful hotel was once a modest farm, until it was discovered by King Haakan and his family in 1907 and became the royals' winter residence. It was later owned by the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmine, who also fell in love with its charming and peaceful location. Today's Fefor Høifjellshotel offers excellent quality accommodation and a new swimming pool; we'll be sure to enjoy a memorable evening in this favourite 'royal' bolt hole.


Accommodation: Hotel

Distance: 18km / 11.2 miles

Ascent: 231m / 758 ft

Descent: 268m / 879 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4 hours


Day 5 - Ski from Fefor to Lauvåsen

After another delicious, energy-packed breakfast, we leave the hotel and head straight out onto the day's trails. Skiing through mixed terrain in the forest, we'll enjoy some fun descents, as well as few short, steep climbs as we make our way down through the woodland below Fefor. Once at valley level, the trail becomes easier as it hugs the edge of Gålåvatnet lake as far as the ski town of Gålå. Home to Gudbrandsdal cheese, it is also here at Gålå that the main Peer Gynt festival happens every August. To celebrate, an impressive outdoor music performance of Grieg's famous Peer Gynt Suites takes place. The orchestra plays from a lakeside setting, making full use of the natural acoustics and stunning backdrop. Taking the time to enjoy our surroundings, we'll stop for an early lunch at the Peer Gynt cafe, before tackling the week's first big climb. It's a steady ascent up to the plateau above, where we'll pause to enjoy the views, before completing the final 10km of today's route. Staying high up on the top of the plateau, this last section is relatively easy skiing, taking us directly to the door of tonight's lodgings: a 300-year-old mountain hut. This remote lodge is full of old world charm and is a truly memorable place to stay.


Accommodation: Mountain Refuge

Distance: 19km / 11.8 miles

Ascent: 420m / 1378 ft

Descent: 380m / 1247 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4-5 hours

Day 6 - Ski from Lauvåsen to Kvitfjell

Waking up high in the mountains in a remote lodge is an unforgettable experience, with a hearty breakfast completing the perfect way to start the day. Skiing straight out of the door, today is a delightful mix of excellent cross country skiing terrain and a true Norwegian 'lifestyle' experience. We'll ski past ancient homesteads and old farms. Wonder at the hardship of life in days gone by for those who made a livelihood here, finding ingenious ways to cope with long winters and deep snow. We'll pass the frozen lake at Vedalsvatnet, where we'll likely see fisherman sitting still, waiting for a 'bite', before reaching the hilltop village of Svinslåa. From here, it's mainly a mellow descent to the Olympic town of Kvitfjell. After this longer day on skis, our hotel sauna is ready and waiting to cure all our aches and pains!


Accommodation: Hotel

Distance: 22km / 13.6 miles

Ascent: 370m / 1214 ft

Descent: 600m / 1968 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4-5 hours

Day 7 - Ski from Kvitfjell to Skeikampen

Retracing our steps from yesterday, we'll leave Kvitfjell and make the climb back up to Svinslåa. From here, our efforts are rewarded with a long and winding descent all the way to the valley floor. Re-energised, it's time for another ascent, to the high col at Skardbua. This remote spot is the meeting point of several trails and feels like true Norwegian wilderness. Depending on the weather, we may stop for a picnic lunch, before heading onwards and downwards to Skei. Coming to the end of our journey, this final section of the Peer Gynt Trail offers us fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and back across at the journey we've just made. The village of Skei is overlooked by Skeikampen mountain (1123m) and is the most southerly point of our trip. We'll overnight at a comfortable hotel for our last night, where we'll be sure to enjoy a spa and sauna before a celebratory group dinner. 


Accommodation: Hotel

Distance: 25km / 15.5 miles

Ascent: 680m / 2231 ft

Descent: 645m / 2116 ft

Approx. skiing time: 4-5 hours


Day 8 - Departure day - transfer to Lillehammer

Saying goodbye to the group after breakfast, a transfer will take us to Lillehammer, for easy connections for trains to Oslo Gardermoen airport. Trains leave Lillehammer approximately every hour and take around two hours. Please make sure you book flights leaving Oslo after 13:00hrs. For anyone who would like to stay on in either Skei or Lillehammer, please don't hesitate to ask. There are some great little-known ski areas to explore or the Olympic trails above Lillehammer itself. We're happy to help with recommendations and onward bookings.


  • 7 nights' accommodation on twin-share basis

  • Breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals

  • Any transport in the itinerary

  • Fully qualified and experienced Nordic ski guide/instructor

  • Luggage access every night

  • One group transport from Vinstra to hotel at beginning of trip and from Skeikampen to Lillehammer (both at fixed times)

Not Included

  • Flights

  • Airport transfers

  • Skis/ equipment (and return thereof)

  • Travel insurance

  • Personal drinks & snacks

  • Tips

Peer Gynt Trail, Norway - Cross Country Ski: Book Online

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