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Snowshoe in the Allgäu Alps

Allgäu Alps Snowshoe 

  • Discover Bavaria's 'unsung hero' Allgäu region 

  • Snowshoe to the summit of six Alpine peaks

  • Enjoy Bavarian culture, history and food

  • Climb peaks inc. Riedberger Horn (1786m)

  • Snowshoe ridgelines and high meadows

Why Choose Cloud 9 Adventure

  • We are guided snowshoe tour experts

  • Outstanding, fully-qualified guide

  • Comfortable, hand-picked hotel (twin-share)

  • Resort transfers included

  • Snowshoes/ avalanche transceivers included



7 nights

6 days' snowshoeing


Group size 4-8

Join: Sonthofen

Nearest airport: Memmingen


7 nights in a hotel





Allgäu Alps Snowshoe: Dates and Prices

Allgäu Alps Snowshoe: Overview

Toss a coin or roll the dice - wherever you end up in Bavaria's Gunzesrieder valley you’re guaranteed to find excellent snowshoe trails all around! That's why we've created this week of snowshoe touring in the region's Allgäu Alps, a little-known mountain region between Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol. 


The Allgäu are a great place for snowshoeing, and many picturesque peaks are accessible quickly and conveniently from our hotel base in Sonthofen. This touring week features six daily trips. Each has an interest route, offers great views and features a summit attempt too (weather permitting) for those pre-requisite summit snaps. 

What to expect

You don’t need to be expert at snowshoeing to have a fantastic time on this trip to Bavaria. If you enjoy winter mountain hikes, take regular exercise and have a good level of general fitness (that involves some hill climbing) and are keen to try or to do more snowshoeing, this is for you. Travel light with just a daysack as you'll be based at a hotel in Sonthofen which offers traditional food, wine and hospitality.


Terrain varies from pine forests and alpage (high meadows) to summits and more steeply undulating trails. Expect between 4-6 hours of snowshoeing per day. Daily ascents are mentioned below - remember that we are starting high so a 1700m peak won't mean you gain all that height with your snowshoes on. 


Snowshoe techniques are relatively simple and easy to learn and this trip is led by one of our experienced expert guides so you will be in capable hands. Just get in touch if you have questions; we’ll soon work out if this is the right trip for you.

Allgäu Alps Snowshoe: Itinerary


Day 1 - Arrive in Sonthofen

Group members will each make their way to the Bavarian village of Sonthofen over the course of the day. Arrive in time for an evening briefing with your professional guide for the week.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Day 2 - Snowshoe summit of Bohleskopf 

Today, your Cloud9 snowshoe adventure truly begins with a ‘warm-up’ loop to get you in the swing of things. Our exploration begins with an ascent to the summit of Bohleskopf (1569m / 5146 ft). The peak’s name variously translates as Cat’s Head or Hangover Head. Much will depend on the night before! This circuit is a great introductory route with wonderful views, gradual climbs and traditional farm buildings peppering the snowy landscape. We’ll snowshoe on wide trails and zigzagging paths through open terrain and forested areas. We start above the typical local village of Bad Hindelang, whose coffee shops will welcome us at the end of the day. Photo highlights include the tiny wooden Klank Chapel and views over Ostrachtal and the local peaks.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +705m (+2312 ft) / -705m (-2312 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 5 hrs

Distance: 9.1 km / 5.7 miles


Day 3 - Snowshoe summit of Rangiswanger Horn  

Today we set our sites on another mountain, the Rangiswanger Horn (a quick drive up the Gunzesrieder valley gets us in position to begin). Our snowshoe route skirts the mountain’s southern side, through pastures and agricultural lands. The tracks are generally very good here as these opening hours make for a popular outing. When we hit Oberalpe we turn towards the peak. We gain height quite quickly, with lovely views of the Reidberger Horn and Tennesmooskopf - both peaks to come - off-setting the effort. Once up on the ridgeline, panoramic views over the Allgäu Alps are our reward and, conditions permitting, we tend to have lunch by the summit’s wooden cross. The descent includes pine forests, gullies and ridgelines.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +657m (+2154 ft) / -657m (-2154 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 5 hrs

Distance: 8.8 km / 5.5 miles


Day 4 - Snowshoe summit of Immenstädter Horn

Our hotel is perfectly positioned to put us within easy reach of many of the Allgäu Alps’ enjoyable peaks. Today’s target is the Immenstädter Horn is an excellent goal, above its lakeside town. A short drive takes us to Rieder, the tiny Alpine hamlet where today’s ascent begins. We’ll wind through ancient woodland up to mountain meadows, passing ancient beech forests as we go. We pass farm buildings at Kesselalpe, nestled in an idyllic setting with mountains on three sides. The region’s Karst geological formations were formed by glaciers during the Ice Age, and huge boulders known as ‘erratics’ pock the area. Our high point is the summit cross at 1490m (4887ft) with views to the Alpsee lake and foothills of the Alps, weather permitting of course. There’s a convenient wooden shelter up there for our picnic lunch. We’ll return via the open meadows to rejoin our original trail at Kesselalpe.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +682m (+2236 ft) / -675m (-2214 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 6 hrs

Distance: 9.6 km / 6 miles

Day 5 - Showshoe summit of Bärenköpfle

Today we’ve chosen to hit Bärenköpfle (1476m / 4841 ft), situated above the village of Gunzesrieder Säge. Säge means sawmill, and it would have been a very busy one, judging by the abundant raw materials nearby, used in the construction of the lovely old buildings scattered around the valley. We’ll pass Alpine meadows and farmsteads and traverse a valley to begin our ascent through the forest. We’ll join the alpage (what would be summer grazing meadows) at Krumbachalpe. We’ll stop for a break to recharge for our steeper summit push as the views are sublime here, with nearby chalets laying silent under blankets of snow. From the summit, an impressive sea of peaks will unfurl around us.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +578m (+1895 ft) / -578m (-1895 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 4.5 hrs

Distance: 6.1 km / 3.8 miles

Day 6 - Snowshoe summit of Riedberger Horn

Day 6: Summit Riedberger Horn Today’s snowshoe circuit includes the summit of Riedberger Horn. This has many variations so we can pick the right one to suit conditions. Sometimes the tracks have been prepared, which makes for an even more relaxing and enjoyable day. A 25-minute drive takes us to the Riedbergerpass to commence at its small skiing area. It’s home to the Grasgehren Hut - nice choice for a hot drink on our descent later. We’ll snowshoe up a ridgeline to the Horn’s summit (1786m / 5858 ft), which has unparalleled views of the region. A detour to Berghaus Schwaben to savour its notoriously good apple strudel might be possible depending on group speed and desires. Stats below are for today’s shortest option. If longer route options or strudel is involved, they’ll differ.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +350m (+1148 ft) / -350m (-1148 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 4 hrs

Distance: 4 km / 2.5 miles


Day 7 - Snowshoe summit of Tennenmooskopf 

This oft overlooked corner of Bavaria is the gift that just keeps on giving, with plenty of wonderful peaks still to enjoy. We’ve chosen Tennenmooskopf as our final summit. In German, kopf means 'head', 'top' or 'pleasing summit'. So we’ll end our adventure on Tennenmooskopf’s picturesque high note. We’ll warm up and enjoy the landscape as we follow the toboggan run to the Rappengschwendalpe hut. Once we’re in the open meadows beyond the hut, our route up to the top will reveal itself, visibility permitting. A tougher climb follows up to the summit at 1615m (5297 ft) for panoramic views over Bleicherhorn, Höllritzereck, Riedberger Horn and indeed all of the Allgäu Alps’ main peaks. We’ll leave the summit in a south-easterly direction with a decent back to the Rappengschwendalpe hut and the toboggan route home.


Accommodation: hotel, dinner included

Luggage access

Altitude gain / loss: +757m (+2482 ft) / -722m (-2368 ft)

Snowshoeing: approx 5.5 hrs

Distance: 13 km / 8 miles

Day 8 - Departure day

Today is departure day from our accommodation in Sonthofen. Your Cloud 9 snowshoe adventure officially ends after breakfast.


  • All snowshoe and group safety equipment

  • 7 nights' accommodation on twin-share basis

  • Breakfasts and dinners

  • All transport mentioned in the itinerary

  • Fully qualified & experienced snowshoe guide 

Not Included

  • Flights, or transport to Sonthofen

  • Travel insurance

  • Lunches

  • Walking poles – compulsory

  • Drinks and snacks

  • Tips and personal expenditure

Snowshoe in the Allgäu Alps: Book Online

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